On February 10, 2003, the accuser had the defendant brought to her home. On February 13, 2003, (3 days after alleged rape) she was riding and calling around looking for him and said if she didn't find him she would have storage for his ass. On February 14, (Valentine's Day - 4 days after alleged rape), she again wanted the defendant brought to her house, but he had another girlfriend. On February 17, 2003, the accuser went to the police station.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Will NEVER Forgive Them

My mother passed in early March of this year. She was trying hard to hold on to see her son home. Still no reply from the USDOJ. Not justice - more like department of junk. Several phone calls have come this year from political affliates who want our vote. Well one vote they will not be getting is my mother's. And at this point, I see no reason in me voting because I'm not treated like an American citizen. Officials would not help me and my family so why should I vote to give them a job. They know my name, phone number and address when they want something from me but ignore me as though I don't exist when I simply asked them to do their job - go by the law - to uphold the oath they took. The US Constitution means nothing to them. People mean nothing to them.

Just from the information I put in the e-mails to the USDOJ, they know my brother's US Constitutional rights have been violated which means he is entitled to get a new trial. But a new trial will not only reveal his innocence but it will prove that Danville city officials and Virginia state officials have broken federal law. Nasty White men still abuse Black citizens and use their official status to cover it up. And a Black official who has the power to stop them - will not. Those badges are tarnished and their hearts are rotten. White skin or Black skin it doesn't matter - the bad word is their job title - official. They protect each other.

It is like a hard blow to my chest when I hear politicians talking about American laws and pretending like this country is better than any other country. How can America be better when officials at local state and federal levels here also mistreat citizens and misuse their power like the other countries who they denounce and go to war against?

My brother is due to get out of prison later this year. Last month a female parole person came to my home to check it out because my brother will be staying with me. She looked at the family photos on the wall and asked me how old his daughters are. She asked if there are underage children that my brother will be around. Because my brother's vindictive ex-girlfriend who is older than he is, lied on him, for the rest of his life he will be a registered sex offender. His mother left this earth without his name being cleared.

The accuser is evil and so are the officials who helped her. I want to give her name but I don't know if that is legal. Should I care if it is legal or not since the law doesn't apply to me and my family? She sat in court and talked about reading her Bible. She probably doesn't own one. But then again, her and the nasty officials probably are religious. Their holy book says that a man, whose birthday they celebrate every December, was killed by religious and government officials. Some religious people are very wicked. They don't go by the Bible, because one of the Ten Commandments is ~ thou shall not bear false witness. She lied and they accepted her lie. They took a man away from his mother and children for nine years and from his mother for the remainder of her life. Not only did the nasty thing they did by putting her son in prison take a toll on my mother's health but also the cruel intimidation by the police was bad for my mother's heart. She was strong but she endured a lot. Another Black woman died with her son in bondage. She died without seeing her son one last time - to see him - free.

On March 5, 2012, my mother was up that morning sitting at the kitchen table preparing to take her insulin. We spoke briefly. A few minutes later I walked into her bedroom to find that she had simply laid back across her bed. Her heart beat was so faint I could bearly hear it. I don't think she was breathing. I think her heart was just taking it's last beats. When the paramedics removed my mother from our home, I had to ask that they cover her up. No respect, no dignity for an elderly Black woman. At the hospital they had her hooked to things and was shocking her heart. Her body was cold when I touched her. She wasn't breathing on her own. My mother was gone so I told the doctor to let her go. I don't hate any of them because it is not in me to hate. But I will never forget and I will never forgive them.

Perhaps I should not have written this because the - officials - might not like it - and come up with a reason to not release my brother. If they do let him out, they can arrest him anytime and send him back inside. America. This particular post might not be up long. So if anyone is still reading this blog copy it and past it on to your friends or save it as a reminder that there is no justice for some citizens. I don't trust the - officials - so I will probably remove it. I just needed to post it - to update anyone still interested. All those lawyers and organizations and no one would help us. Well, I'm through asking for help. They won.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some Wounds Never Heal

I apologize for not posting anything in a while but I've been working. I am so disgusted that such injustice still exist and just reading, just thinking about this case alters my usually pleasant mood. In the early stages of trying to deal with the police intimidation while trying to work took me close to a dark place and had me angry and depressed all the time. Years have passed but not a day goes by that this case is not on my mind. And now that I am employed again, I'm trying to keep my head clear and not go to work depressed and angry like I use to do.

Time heals some wounds but some are so deep that it can't ever heal. Time has dulled the pain but the internal wounds will never fade. There will always be a nagging ache in my heart that time will never make totally go away.

Can anyone explain to me exactly who are citizens suppose to report complaints to when the complaints are against officials?

Months have passed and the USDOJ still has not replied to my e-mails. It's the federal government but how long should a citizen have to wait to just receive a reply?

Okay I have to stop now because I have to go to work tomorrow and I want the dark moody clouds to go away so that my head can clear.

In a few weeks I will have enough off time to post the testimony from the preliminary hearing and trial transcripts and notes from the defendant's file written by the so-called defense attorney.